Michael Cohen’s Outrageous Closing Statement

RUSH: I just want to say one quick thing. I've been running a bit of a test. I thought the most outrageous part of the Cohen hearing yesterday was his closing statement. And I haven't seen any isolated coverage of it. It's been thrown in and referenced and talked about in stories about the entire day. But what he said in his closing statement is that he fears, if Donald Trump doesn't win, that there will not be a peaceful transition of power. (interruption) You didn't hear him say this?

They gave him like two minutes to wrap up and he went through every media, Democrat talking point. We have to stop separating children at the border. Every lie these people believe, Cohen addressed it. There's no doubt in my mind they have got something on this guy. They have put the fear of God in him about him and his family. But when he said this, that he really fears that there will not be a peaceful transition of power if Trump loses in 2020, what the hell does he think the last two years have been?

We have not had a peaceful transition of power after the 2016 election! That's what's going on here! We're in the midst of a coup that is still underway! We're in the midst of a bunch of people who were not elected trying to overthrow a duly elected president. And this is the second time they're trying this. In that presidential debate when Trump said on that day he would not accept -- it was a hypothetical. If you lose, are you gonna concede?

“I'm not gonna tell you that now. I don't know what's gonna happen on Election Day.”

So Hillary Clinton starts losing her cookies talking about how Donald Trump, biggest threat to democracy, refusing to acknowledge that he will lose and will concede and so forth. We have been dealing with two years of an unpeaceful transition of power! That's exactly what this has been! And it isn't Trump that's doing it!

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