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Panicked Liberals Offer to Donate Ribs and Organs to Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg

RUSH: Here's what's got 'em all scared, folks. Headline: Ruth "Buzzi" Ginsburg Admitted to Hospital After Fracturing Three Ribs in a Fall." Leftists are actually calling the hospital offering their own ribs and their own organs if she needs them to keep going. I'm not kidding.


RUSH:  All right breaking news.  Ruth "Buzzi" Ginsburg "admitted to the hospital after fracturing three ribs in a fall."  She was taken to George Washington Hospital this morning.  "According to a court spokesman, Ginsburg has fractured three ribs in the fall.  Tests show she fractured three ribs on the left side."  Now, Ruth Ginsburg has survived several fights with cancer.  She had heart surgery in 2014, according to CNBC.  She has beaten pancreatic and colon cancer.  Those are... Beating pancreatic cancer is a big deal.

Pancreatic cancer -- colon cancer, too -- are two of the deadliest forms, and you remember... They had shortly around the nomination of Gorsuch and then after that Kavanaugh, remember the left put out this video of the RBG workout, the Ruth "Buzzi" Ginsburg... It looked like... Ah, I'm having a mental block on what you call it.  You shadow box out there, you kickbox. Anyway, they had her out there doing that stuff, and they said when they put it out that mere mortals couldn't hope to keep up with her.

That you and me, we wouldn't be able to last a minute doing the Ruth Bader Ginsburg workout.  (laughing) They had about two seconds of it, two seconds of video where it looked like she was, ah, shadow boxing.  You know, women are fascinated by boxing, I have found.  They sit there and they go through the motions.  That what she was doing.  And now apparently young people, people under 30, are offering RBG their own ribs on social media and whatever organs that she might need.

I am not making this up.  This is a McClatchy News story.

There's a tweet out there:  "I love how every person under the age of 30 on Twitter is currently offering Ruth Ginsburg their ribs and any other internal organ that she might need."


Well, they know.  I mean, they know what's up.



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