I Wish I Knew How Hannity Went

RUSH: So we wrapped up the interview with Sean Hannity just an hour ago, and then they had to tear down everything in here. So I have had to really, really compress four or five hours of show prep into 45 minutes, and we'll see how that goes. I wish I could tell you how the interview went, but I don't think it went very well, because there's nobody here that claims to have seen it. "You know, we couldn't see it, Rush. The monitors were in the way. We could only see the back of your head."

That doesn't augur well, folks.

Normally the sycophants are out. "It was great! It was the best ever." But now none of them saw it. So I guess we'll just have to wait... And none of them are disagreeing with me even here. So it must have not been... (interruption) You couldn't hear...? (interruption) See? (interruption) It’s not looking good in here, folks, for the Hannity show interview tonight. There's nobody in there that wants to say a single thing positive about it.

"We couldn't see it 'cause their crew had their equipment in the way. We couldn't hear it very much." Well, that's the first time. Normally you can hear everything in there. Anyway, seriously it was fun, and it raced by, and it's gonna air... It's most of the Hannity show tonight. He's got his monologue open and couple things like that. I wish I could tell you about it. I can tell you one thing. They edited out something I said that was not profane and it was not offensive.

Well, depending on who, maybe. And this came up. You know, Sean's doing his usual, "You gotta do TV! You gotta come back to TV. If you just once a month... Come on, man, just once a month." And I said, "Look, why should I? They've already bleeped out one thing I said here." "You're not supposed to say that." "Well, it's too late now. So they'll bleep out that I said that, probably." As I say, it wasn't risqué or anything of the sort. But it covered all the bases. It covered all the subject matter. And we shall see.We'll get your feedback on it tomorrow after you take your time to watch it tonight so it's live at 9 o'clock Eastern on the Fox News Channel.

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