“Skulls Full of Mush” Joins the Pop-Culture Lexicon

RUSH: I was minding my own business on Friday night, and I got a bunch of emails, "You gotta turn on Hawaii 5-0! You gotta turn on Hawaii 5-0." And I said, "Well, when's it on?" They said, "Well, it's already aired. That's why you've got..." "Well, how can I turn it on if it's over?" (sputtering) "Well, y-y-you gotta get it! You gotta find it. You gotta find it, 'cause -- 'cause -- 'cause you just gotta see it!" I said, "Well, what is it?" "Oh, we're not gonna tell you. You've just gotta see it!" So I had to go Saturday...

I waited 'til iTunes... No. That's not what I did. I went to CBS All Access, which I have signed up for, and there it was: Hawaii 5-0. So I'm watching the show, I'm watching the show, and I'm thinking, "Obviously some people think something happened here that I need to pay attention to." Then I saw it. I heard it. The actor is named Chi McBride, and he portrays a member of the 5-0 squad named Lou Grover, and they have a prisoner -- a bad guy -- in their interrogation room where they're running CIA enhanced-interrogation measures.

And the guy they have there is one of these New Age gurus who is selling the secrets to eternal life and eternal health and all that. And what he really is is a drug dealer, and he's using these acolytes of his to run drugs around the island and so forth. And they're interrogating the guy, and here is the character Lou Grover as portrayed by Chi McBride...

MCBRIDE: You take these gullible young students out in the middle of the jungle, get 'em baked out of their minds. ... You had these young skulls full of mush tripping so hard, they thought they were actually achieving enlightenment.

RUSH: "You had these young skulls full of mush tripping so hard..." Nobody would tell me what it was. I had to go find the episode and hear it. So just another phrase from the EIB Network now finding its way into the popular lexicon.

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