Boeing Adjusting 737 MAX Software; FAA Assures Craft Is Airworthy


Boeing says it's working to put software enhancements in place that will make the Boeing 737 MAX even safer. The upgrade will help correct a problem that investigators believe led to the a crash in Indonesia last October. It's not known whether the same issue caused this weekend's crash in Ethiopia. The changes will be in place in the coming weeks. The FAA says it will mandate those changes by the end of the month. The FAA is still giving the Boeing 737 MAX a vote of confidence. The agency is telling international airlines that the airliner is still airworthy even though the Boeing company plans to make the software adjustment for greater safety. After the Ethiopian crash, several countries around the world grounded the plane. Senator Dianne Feinstein is demanding that the FAA ground all Boeing 737 MAX planes. In a statement, the California Democrat said she doesn't want the plane in the sky until it's clear they are safe to fly. She believes the Ethiopian and Indonesian crashes raise important questions about whether an unknown problem exists.

Photo: AOL


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