Demi Lovato Hits Back At Halsey For Saying She Exploited Bisexuality

It doesn't appear as if Demi Lovato appreciated Halsey's controversial new interview with Paper magazine, where the star spoke about certain pop stars exploiting bisexuality. Cue the piano intro to "Cool for the Summer."

In her interview with Paper magazine, Halsey, who is openly bisexual, shared her frustration over people who write songs with bisexual narratives "as going through a phase or struggling with something." When pressed about straight pop stars, who use bisexuality in line with experimental hookups, the chart-topper wasn't on board. "Bisexuality as a taboo: 'Don't tell your mom', or 'We shouldn’t do this’, or ‘This feels so wrong but it's so right," she quipped. 

Even though no names were actually dropped, it'd be quite a coincidence if Halsey wasn't referring to the pop star's 2015 hit single, "Cool for the Summer." After all, it does include that very line: "Don't tell your mother." We're guessing that she probably didn't appreciate her thoughts on good friend Iggy Azalea either. 

Photo: Getty Images

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