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The Buttress Pillow Brings Peace and Happiness

A company has developed a pillow shaped like a butt.  Introducing...

The Buttress Pillow!  Take a look:

There's nothing like burying your face in a nice clean behind is there?  Seriously, who hasn't longed for access to a pristine backside to nuzzle our face in?  There is peace and happiness to be found in the Buttress, the first ever butt you can sleep on, dream on, or act inappropriately on.  Go ahead, bury your face in that butt...ahhhhhhh...

Nice huh?  Yeah.  And you don't have to worry about the Buttress having an extreme case of swamp ass!  Ewwwwww!

Watch the tutorial to find out more and the most bootiful pillow in the world.  Learn about:

1) The Sweet Spot:  space between the thighs and cheeks was designed by scientists to gently cradle your head.

2)  Take off the yoga pants if you want a softer feel.

3)  Rub your face in The Sweet Spot for a magical feeling.

4)  Treat the butt well and give her love and attention.  Butts have feelings too.

5)  Dress your butt.  This butt likes anything that makes you happy: yoga pants, cotton panties, a lovely thong.  It's your Buttress, dress her up anyway that want.

Look up them up on @Instagram @TheButtressPillow 

Or go to

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