Your Doctor Can Kill You and Get Away With It

When his mother went into the hospital for a routine partial hip replacement and ended up in a coma, it became clear Steve Burrows needed a lawyer.  

1 out of 4 patients in the U.S. is harmed by medical error.  The 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. is, medical malpractice. Why aren't doctors held accountable for their errors?  In 90 minutes, 41 people will die due to medical malpractice.  These are supposed to be trained individuals.  "Do no harm" is a part of their oath and yet 1 in 4 patients are harmed by medical error?  That is an alarming number!  If 41 people died in a single airplane crash, there would be a full out aviation investigation to prevent a crash like that from happening again, and yet over a hundred people A DAY die due to medical malpractice and won't ever get their day in court.  

What is most disturbing (and its hard to pick just one thing in this documentary) is the idea that medical professionals don't see the problem with an ICU being manned only by cameras.  It is understood that an "Intensive Care Unit" is completely staffed with humans, not back ups, thus the term "Intensive".  This man's mother went to the ICU and fell into a coma that could have been prevented if humans had been checking on her as you expect them to in an ICU....WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!!  For the record, all of the offenses occurred within the Aurora Medical system in Wisconsin.

Please watch "Bleed Out" on Netflix.  Stand up for your family and for yourself.  Doctors cannot get away with being this careless.  Our lives literally depend on it.