Morgen is the incarnation of the American Dream. Her father left the little town of Bethesda, Ohio the youngest of six looking for a better life than what that small town had to offer. While serving in the Air Force he met the love of his life in Moses Lake, Washington. From that union came forth a child that would be raised on her parents vinyl records…Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Everly Brothers , The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash. Morgen never really had the gumption to get a four year degree, all she wanted was to make a living in Rock and Roll, somehow, someway…which brings us to today. If you ask her who her favorite band is, she’ll talk your arm off about Rock’s second coming in the form of a group out of the California dessert called “Queens of the Stone Age”. Morgen is attempting to master marital bliss with her husband in Rock Hill, South Carolina while recording three shows a day in Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC and Asheville, NC. From her little place on the dial she attempts to get the attention of one Mr. Joshua Michael Homme, III in an attempt to get the radio interview of her life after which she has made no other plans. The journey continues…



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