This Girl Reminds the World of Kindness, Gifting a Classmate Bring Tears!

A teenage girl Sofi Cruz from Conway, South Carolin posted these words about her classmate Jahiem.

"I would like to say thank you to everyone for showing the love that was given to Jahiem. After giving him his shoes on May 2, 2018, the next day I see him with the shoes and shirts that I gave to him. The moment I saw him wearing his new shoes and shirt made me so happy and almost made me cry because I felt in my heart that he loved his gift.  In class this morning, a friend of Jahiem's came up to me and said, "Sofi, you did an amazing thing for Jahiem. He kept coming up to me yesterday telling me how many people were adding him on snapchat and how many notifications he was getting on Facebook. He really is happy." And after him telling me this, I hear Jahiem asking our teacher and classmates, "Did you see the video?? Did you see the video of me??" My heart was so full!!! A lot of people have messaged asking how they can also help. We only ask that you find someone in your area that could use some kindness and pay it forward. Everyone has a Jahiem in their life, you just have to look around and see them!!!"

Here's the video Sofi posted that started the story. #PayItForward