National Best Friends Day - Interesting Stats on FRIENDS! And Dogs...

1. 46% of Americans said they only have one best friend. But more than 1/2 think it is okay to have more than one best friends.

2. Most of us met our best friend in school. Crazy, but only 12% of people say they met their best friends after or during college. I have quite a few different best friends and some from school and more AFTER!

3. 19% of people said their DOG is one of their best friends. Only 9% said the same about cats.

4.Almost half of us considfer our mom or dad a BFF.

5. 43% of people said their significant other is one of their best friends. I would say YES to that for sure!

6. 22% of us have owned a "Best Friend" necklace or bracelet at some point. We had all sorts of different things we used to show the BFF LOVE back in the day... got confusing when you would separate a BFF neclace into more than 3. There were fights!

7. 6% of people agreed with the statement, "My parents like my best friend more than they like ME." 

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