Mel - The Last 2 Weeks in Photos! Happy New Year!

WOW! What a crazy year.

It is weird - as much as I wanted to get to the new year.. I AM going to miss Christmas! I haven't been able to take down the tree just yet- but plan at some point this week to do it.

I LOVE my spinning tree!

BUT I am ready for 2021 and a new slate to a year. I learned that while working from home a nice balance is needed and family is so very important. I am learning day to day how to still manage work from home, my charity, my new art etsy page and my amazing family! 3 boys can be a little crazy sometimes.

Here are just a few FUN photos from the last 2 weeks and rockin' into the New Year!

And Happy New Year...

These are my little dudes. Mozart - 6, Atlas -5 and Maestro- 2. They had a wonderful Christmas and the BEST part is we got to see our family and feel very blessed to have spent time with all of them .

We had a chance this year to do a TOY DRIVE and raise money and toys for Central Florida families. I was so pumped we got to do this again this year! There were so many wonderful things that we do during the holidays that we didn't get to do this year...

Celebrating on New Years! Only 1 stuck around for the grape juice on 2021. I had a few too many cocktails the day before NYE so I celebrated very minimal this year :) I was in bed by 12:15am on New Years Day! My 1 day getaway got me - but so nice to have a day to relax before the end of the year.

Well, this was me the night before sending vibes to the MOON LOVE and welcoming in 2021. I might have allegedly had a few too many glasses of vino. A glass of Caymus (which my friend AJ gave me for my birthday) and a cup of the moon!

And last - I wanted at least something positive to come out of 2020 and do something that I wanted to do for a long time ... and it was to start an ETSY PAGE! I have been talking about it for years and finally just rocked it out. I didn't get much sleep in toward the end of the year - BUT ALL worth it. My Etsy shop is

My FAVORITE wreath I made for a friend's mom over the holidays!