The Dog That Replies to Harry Potter Spells

Dog training can be really tough and exhausting for the puppy parents. It's one of the reasons why I haven't gotten a pet. Now that I know that I could teach my dog how to respond to Harry Potter spells...I just might have to think twice about heading to the shelter. 

Meet Anna Brisbin and her adorable pup Remus. Anna is a voice actress and YouTuber who thought that it would be awesome to train her dog to respond to Harry Potter spells. She told the website Bored Panda:

"Harry Potter is my EVERYTHING. It's what inspired me to become an actor, made me a nerd, gave me my creativity and kindness, my friends, everything. I have a tattoo that says “Lumos” in JK Rowling’s handwriting on my arm that I got the day I met her. And of course, my puppy’s name is Remus. So training in Harry Potter spells was really just the obvious choice."

Remus (YouTube)

Remus (YouTube)

Anna adopted Remus when he was just a puppy and began training him when he was just 2 months old. He now knows 9 spells and her advice to other Harry Potter fans to just have fun if they decide to train their dogs in the same way.

Check out the ADORABLE video below: