15 Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Everybody has different ways of celebrating Thanksgiving, most people eat lots of food, some watch football, some play boardgames and some leave their families early to go work or early Black Friday shop. It's a day for being thankful and hanging out with family!


Here are some 2018 Thanksgiving fun facts from John S Kiernan, Senior Writer & Editor at WalletHub

1.) 1621: Year of the first Thanksgiving celebration


2.) 4 U.S. towns are named Turkey


3.) 4,500 average number of calories consumed on Thanksgiving


4.) 10 hours and 41 minutes: Time it takes the average male to burn 4,500 calories


5.) 45 million: Estimated number of turkeys killed for Thanksgiving each year


6.) Americans' favorite thanksgiving dishes: 39% Turkey, 23% Stuffing, 12% Pumpkin Pie, 9% Mashed Potatoes, 6% Sweet Potatoes, and 3% Cranberry Sauce


7.) 77% of Americans will have mashed potatoes and green beans


8.) 22% of Americans include pets in the festivities


9.) 60% of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers said deals drove them to buy


10.) 3.5 million spectators attend (the Macy's Parade)


11.) 43 million estimated number of TV viewers (the Macy's Parade)


12.) 50.9 million plus American's will travel this Thanksgiving holiday (most since 2007)


13.) 48,500 number of people seriously injured in Thanksgiving car crashes each year


14.) 88% of people are thankful for family


15.) 1920: First year NFL games were played on Thanksgiving



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