The Best Cities For Cuffing Season Ranked

It's cuffing season! Arguably every single person is rushing to be taken before we hit the Thanksgiving Day deadline of finding a temporary S.O. for the holidays.  

Being single is a part of everyone's life, some stay single just for a little bit while others are...permanently single. The good news is that you might not be the problem! It could just be the city that you live in.

According to WalletHub, about 45% of adults in the US are single and dating isn't as realistic as we want it to be. Between our busy schedules and the cost of taking someone out for a time they will actually enjoy, the stress and expectations of coordinating a date just aren't worth it, and its especially difficult if you live in a city that isn't on your side. 

We see lists like this all the time, but if you're still single and trying not to be then maybe you should consider a city-switch. 

If you live in Laredo, TX, Yonkers, NY, Lewiston, ME, Glendale, CA, or Warwick, RI, you should probably search elsewhere for your one true love. The same goes for anyone in Pearl City, HI, Hialeah, FL, and Pembroke Pines, FL

For residents of Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA and San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, CA, if you can't nail a date, then you're the problem. You live in the cities that are best suited for singles on the dating scene. You have the best opportunities and resources for online dating and nightlife in your area!

Anyone in Detroit has a pretty good chance of hitching up with someone because that city has the highest share of single people, over 70%! 

Are you cheap? Garden Grove, California's average cost of a restaurant meal is only $12.78 -- more than 9 times lower than Dover, Delaware. 

Where does New York City fall? It might seem like dating in this city is impossible, but according to WalletHub, we're sitting pretty at #28. And that's out of don't complain!