Liam Payne's Rider Requests Have Leaked!

Liam Payne has recently been spending some time down under!  Yup, he's been in Australia helping fellow One Direction pal Louis Tomlinson out with his gig as a judge on X Factor.  Ugh, our hearts are melting at their friendship!  Liam also had the chance to perform while he was there, and a list of his new backstage requests were leaked!  

It's being reported that Liam requested platters of fresh fruits and veggies, including things like bananas, mango, pineapple, grapes, mixed berries, carrot, cucumber, celery and hummus dip.

He also seems to be a big fan of assorted fresh juices and smoothies, Moju or fresh ginger shots, veggie protein power packets and protein bars.  Oh, and can't forget the 24 bottles of still mineral water.

Wow, we feel healthier after just reading that.  It seems like his well-being is a major priority as he continues growing as a solo artist.  Way to go Liam!  Check out how great he looks!

These rider requests are a total 180 from his 1D days!  A 2015 One Direction tour rider revealed that the lads used to request three cases of local beer and “assorted local menus for after-show food” from establishments such as KFC, Chick-fil-A, and Steak'n Shake.  YUM!  Besides food, the guys also likes to have lots of fun backstage, asking for ping pong tables and pinball machines!  Wow - we wanna hang out in THAT dressing room! 

Liam's new rider is literally the picture of health.  He's gotta stay on top of his game juggling life as a dad and a solo artist, and his rider definitely reflects that!  He just released an awesome collab with Jonas Blue and Lennon Stella, "Polaroid", and it is a BOP!  Check it out!

What celebrity rider would you like to see?  Let us know!