STOP Doing the #InMYFeelings Challenge! The Real Vid is Here

You can stay your butt in your car and quit with those dumb #InMyFeelingsChallenge videos! Not only are they hella dangerous, but why would you think it's cool to get out of your car while it's moving??? Anyway, Drake has just released the OFFICIAL video for his bop "In My Feelings". 

I don't know if it was originally supposed to be a single off of his latest double album Scorpionbut with the success of the dance (created by the comedian Shiggy), it has blown up! 

There are a few cameos in the vid. You'll notice "Claire Huxtable" aka Phylicia Rashad, LaLa Anthony, even the dude who made the dance an internet phenomenon, Shiggy!  There are a bunch of his famous friends who's viral vids are at the end of the video, but take a look at this Crescent City inspired music video, that is honestly, pretty perfect!