The Internet Reacts to Croatia Beating England!!

In case you live under a rock, the World Cup has been going on the past few weeks and subsequently all of our Twitter and Snapchat feeds. Today, in a match between England and Croatia, England was sent home as Croatia advances on to the final round in the World Cup vs. France. This upcoming final will be Croatia's first appearance in the World Cup while England has not been in the World Cup final since 1966. Despite being down 0-1 at halftime, Croatia came from behind and managed to tie the game and then score the winning goal with 10 minutes left. Although, England was a frontrunner for the Cup, fans were left devastated by Mario Mandzukic‚Äôs goal. 

And I mean, English soccer fans are die-hard. Check out this video of England fans in Hyde Park when England scored within the first five minutes of the game.


People were seriously stressing about this game, and so were we!!! Take a look at our favorite tweets from during and after the match.


The World Cup final of Croatia vs. France will take place on Sunday. Who do you think is going to win?! Tweet us at @Z100NewYork!!



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