Katy Perry Hits Up Taco Bell Because She Couldn't Get a Reservation

It's not just us guys!! Not even Grammy-nominated world superstar Katy Perry can get a reservation these days. She's currently in the midst of her Witness World Tour and at her show in Glasgow, Scotland she told concert-goers about how she couldn't get into any restaurants!!

“I was on the internet looking up the top 25 places for dinner....some are really fancy, some only sit, like, 10 people. I called a couple of places and couldn’t get in anywhere." 

We feeeeeel you, girl.

However, she did what any of us would do and hit up the motherland, 🔥Taco Bell🔥. 

“On the list at the very end it said Taco Bell, so I went there – and then I went to your movie theater.” Katy told her fans at the Glasgow concert. The "Swish Swish" singer can afford to eat at any restaurant EVER but was more than glad to go for a Crunchwrap Supreme. 

Actually, Perry's love for Taco Bell goes waaaaaay back!! In 2015, she waited in a huge line for an hour for the beloved Mexican fast food chain in Tokyo. She even grammed it ↓ ↓ ↓ 

YAAASS!!!! Us too, Katy!!!! 

She even announced that she celebrated her 2015 Forbes Magazine cover by heading right over to Taco Bell! That's how I celebrate waking up the morning so like, I get it.