New Debate: Who Has The Best Ranch??

Not everyone is a fan of ranch dressing but for the people that are, there is an ongoing debate on which one tastes the best! Delish set out to find out which ranch dressing tastes the best!

They held a tasting to determine which of America's top ranch brands ended up on the top! Here's how the list played out! (9 being the last on the list and 1 being the best)

9. Annie's Organic Cowgirl Ranch 

- One of the reasons that this one ended up last on the list is because it tasted more like Caesar dressing than Ranch dressing! They also said that it was pretty thin and had a weird aftertaste. 

8. Wish-Bone Ranch

- This one ranked a little better because it had the right consistency and texture but it was way to salty and sour.

7. Ken's Steak House Ranch Dressing

- Quite frankly, I don't know how this one ended up in seventh place because people did not like this one. They said that it left their mouths feeling dry and puckered. This is probably due to all of the salt and MSG.

6. Hidden Valley Ranch

- A majority of the tasters found this one to be well balanced but the other tasters thought that it was too thin. It definitely wasn't any of the tasters favorite ranch dressing but it was considered to be a classic. 

5. Newman's Own Ranch

- Overall, the tasters found this one to be a solid dressing. This one had a lot of different flavors and that's why the people liked it. 

4. Briannas Classic Buttermilk Ranch

- The tasters were big fans of this ranch dressing! They liked this one because it was very balanced and they said that it was really flavorful. 

3. Whole Foods Organic Ranch Dressing

- This one ranked high because it was much lighter than the other ranch dressings. They also liked the pepper taste in this one!

2. Trader Joe's Organic Ranch Dressing

- This ranch dressing was a real crowd pleaser! It had a good balance of herbs, garlic, and tangy buttermilk flavor. And a bonus: it had the least amount of calories out of all the tasted ranches! 

1. Kraft Classic Ranch

- WOOH! This one is the number one ranked ranch dressing! The tasters said that this one had a nostalgic flavor which was why so many of them liked it so much! This is the go-to ranch dressing!

Ranch tastes good on lots of different things but my favorite thing is probably Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch pizza!! Yummmm!!