What Does Your Mom Actually Want For Mother's Day?!

Mother's Day is this Sunday.... which means if you haven't gotten her a present yet, you only have 1 more day to find something!! If you plan on giving your Mom something special this year you might want to watch and pay attention to her reaction. According to a new Groupon survey of 2,000 adults, if your mom says “thank you,” “awww!,” “I love it,” “wow- this is great” or “I really needed one of these,” then she might be among the 40 percent of Moms who fake their reaction to their Mother's Day gift!! 

Another survey found that Mom's are looking for more sentimental presents and time with their family this year. According to the results, Moms want the following for Mother’s Day: something with a sentimental meaning, to be taken out for brunch, a homemade item, a family trip or a simple card! So in other words, get out your arts and crafts supplies and start making Mom a cute card and maybe even a macaroni necklace to reminisce on old times!  


And we can't forget if you have siblings you know that you are either going to try and one up their present or they are going to one up yours! The study also found that it turns out that 66 percent of Americans check in with their siblings to see what they are getting for Mom. However, be careful what you share because 55 percent of those with a brother or sister will deliberately try to give their mom a better gift. Even when it comes to writing out your Mom’s card – 30 percent of people will consider what their siblings write in their card to ensure they aren’t upstaged.

The average person also spends about $75 on a present, but the middle child usually ends up spending the most on Mom! 


The good news is I already got my Mom a Mother's Day present but I haven't gotten her a card yet.... So maybe I'll just make her a card and doodle in it like I'm a kid again! I mean the survey said that a homemade item or a simple card is what Mom's want for Mother's Day! 

Anyways, Happy (early) Mother's Day to all of the wonderful and hardworking Mom's out there! Make sure you show your Mama some extra love this Sunday!!



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