Mystery Pooper At An NJ High School

Ok, you're gonna have to bear with me on this one...but you've made it this far so you were clearly interested enough to click this link about poop, so...

Normally, humans take care of their business in the restroom -- you know, where we've all been trained to  "release" since we started walking. But recently, the story has been a lil different for the folks at Holmdel High School in Holmdel, NJ. 

Track and field coaches informed the district's resource officer that they were finding human feces...yes, human poop...on and around the football field and track on an almost daily basis. After these repeat reports, school employees started monitoring the area which led to an arrest Thursday morning.

CRAZY thing is that the person that was caught pooping next to the field...was the superintendent of another school district. Thomas Tramaglini, 42, is a resident of the neighboring town Aberdeen and is the Superintendent of Kenilworth School District. He was running on the track and athletic field at around 5:50 Thursday morning before being arrested. 

After school employees noticed suspicious activity they got the police involved, which led to this morning's stakeout and the #wild arrest that followed. Tramaglini has been Superintendent in Kenilworth since August of 2015.

Thomas Tramaglini; Photo:

Thomas Tramaglini; Photo:

Tramaglini was charged with littering, lewdness, and defecating in public. He's due in municipal court in Holmdel on Monday at 8:15am. 

Kenilworth School District released a statement on their Facebook page on Thursday following Tramaglini's arrest and consequential placement on paid leave...

Earlier today, we learned of municipal court charges facing our current superintendent of schools in Holmdel, NJ. Given the nature of those charges, he asked for and was granted a paid leave of absence. (Leaves can only be without pay in the face of indictments or tenure charges, as a matter of state law.)

Effective immediately, Brian Luciani, our Director of Academics, will assume the responsibilities of the office of superintendent of schools. The Board of Education wants to assure faculty and staff, students and parents, that the district will continue its responsibilities without interruption. Every day, and especially during challenging times, we are fortunate to have veteran administrators and other dedicated professionals on whom we can rely. 

We will continue to keep the community informed. 

The Kenilworth Board of Education

Tramaglini is also an adjunct lecturer at Rutgers Graduate School for Education. Rutgers declined to comment on Thursday and no one answered the door at Tramaglini's home.