Harry Styles Gave 5 Seconds of Summer Some Fashion Advice

5 Seconds of Summer said that Harry Styles gave them some really good fashion advice. The suggestion that Harry gave stuck with them! 

Michael Clifford asked Harry, "How are your black skinny jeans so good?" and he replied, "Wear them everyday and never wash them." In the interview with 'MTV Style' Ashton asked Michael who "he" was and Michael laughed and replied "the Lord and Savior Harry."

If you liked One Direction or even if you just knew about One Direction you would know that the boys loved to wear black jeans.... they practically lived in them! The advice that Harry gave to the guys in 5 Seconds of Summer has definitely stuck with them because they basically live in black skinny jeans as well!

Here's some pictures for proof! 


After thinking about how it might be kind of gross to wear the jeans over and over again, especially when touring and playing show after show, I decided to see if there are other ways to keep your black jeans looking awesome!

Here are some other ways to preserve your jet black jeans!

1. Pre-soak them to set the dye color.

For this you'll want to turn your jeans inside out and then soak them in cold water with one cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of salt!

2. In the Washing Machine

If you do want to wash your jeans in the washing machine make sure that your turn them inside out before washing! Turning the jeans inside out will help to preserve the color and also expose the dirtiest part of the jeans! Make sure that you use cold water! The cold water helps to prevent the jeans from bleeding out the dye. You'll also want to set the washer to a gentle cycle. You'll want to do this because the more aggressively that your wash spins, the more wear and tear they will undergo therefore fading the color of your jeans! Also wash the denim with similar colors and make sure you don't over fill the washing machine. Lastly, don't machine dry them! You can either hang or air dry your black  jeans! 

3. Use a special product

You could use a color detergent which you could buy at most supermarkets and department stores. For example, "Woolite Darks"is a detergent that is specially formulated to make sure your dark clothes stay dark! There are lots of other special products that you can use to keep your black jeans dark!

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