Maxwell's March SADness Bracket - THE FINALS

It's time for the FINALS BABY!!! Your NCAA bracket is probably already messed up, but who cares?!?!?! The only tournament that matters this March is my March SADness Bracket. We've made it to the last round!!

Saddest Break Up: USA + Obama VS. Saddest Movie Moment: Simba Trying to Wake Up Mufasa

Last year's champ, Simba trying to wake his dad, is back to hold onto the championship belt. There were two VERY sad moments in pop culture. We've all cried a few tears while watching that scene in The Lion King and most US citizens were hoping that President Obama could run for 4 more years (at least I was...especially now!!)

It is up to you on the Z100 IG story HERE!! Decide what is the SADDEST MOMENT IN POP CULTURE??? Who's this year's March SADness Bracket Champ???

Maxwell's March SADness Bracket - 2018


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