James Corden Confessed Stealing A Candle from Mariah Carey

Yesterday James Corden admitted on The Late, Late Show that he waited so long for Mariah Carey at her home, he stole a candle.

During a segment on the show called, "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" the participants are required to answer a question honestly, and if they decide no to answer... well then they get stuck eating an unappetizing concoction.The participants for this edition were John Boyega and Drew Barrymore. Corden passed up eating a 1,000 year old egg so he had to spill his guts!

John Boyega asked Corden, "Have you ever stolen anything and if so, where?" He told the story about how he had to wait three hours for Mariah Carey to get ready for their Christmas edition of CarPool Karaoke

Corden said, "We were supposed to film at 3, and I was told to get there at 4 so I thought she'll probably be ready. But I waited in her living room until 6:30 on my own. So I thought, 'I'm going to take this candle for my time.'" He apologized to Mariah Carey for the wrongdoing saying, "I’m sorry, Mariah but you had loads!"

While we're on this topic.... Have you ever stolen anything from a friend's house??