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Have You Ever Wondered How Much Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine Costs?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live like a Kardashian?? Well Kim Kardashian recently revealed her beauty routine to Elle Magazine and it's wild. If you want to get glamed up like a Kardashian get ready to empty your bank account!!

Even though Kim K is super busy she still finds time for her beauty routines. She laid out her extensive beauty routine to Elle Magazine and you're definitely gonna wanna see it!

Kim Kardashian's beauty routine:

  • Hour-long workout with celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson ($2500/week) 
  • Home hairstyling (about $2000/day)
  • Daily at-home makeup ($3000/day)
  • Mani and Pedi House calls (about $500 every 10 days)
  • Brows by Anastasia (somewhere between $125 to $1500 for house-calls approximately every 3 weeks)
  • Teeth whitening ($750 and up) 
  • Spray tans ($1750 for a pack of 6)
  • Laser hair removal (up to $900 per session)
  • Skin tightening laser treatments ($1850 on average per session)
  • Hair and skin vitamins (roughly $30 to $155 per month)

So overall, if you wanted to try to do Kim K's beauty routine for the month of April you would be shelling out roughly $168,880! But just remember.... this is just an estimate!! A lot of the members on Kim Kardashian's team signed to NDA's so we'll probably never truly know. 

On another hand let me tell you about my much less expensive beauty routine!!

  • Hair done by myself (approximately $20/month including shampoo, conditioner, anti-static spray and (if needed) heat protectant)
  • Daily at home makeup (approximately $40/month including mascara, highlight, and lip gloss) 
  • Gel - Manicure ($25 every 2 weeks)
  • Eyebrows ($11/month)
  • Face masks ($10/month)
  • Vitamins ($20/month)

So. overall my monthly beauty routine costs roughly $151!! Don't get me wrong I'm sure there's some other things that I'm not counting but my beauty routine is definitely not a huge whole in my wallet! 

I wish that I could try Kim Kardashian's beauty routine for one month to see how crazy the comparison would be to what my routine currently is!! 

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