Did Dua Lipa Forget Her OWN Rules by Texting Her Ex??

We all know the song & the lyrics, 

"One, don't pick up the phone, you know he's only callin' cuz he's drunk and alone..."

But, reports claim that Dua Lipa isn't following her own "New Rules" 😱 and fans are buggin' out. 

She has reportedly split with her rockstar boyfriend Paul Klein, and the above pic is the last photo posted to IG of the two of them together, but word on the street is that she's apparently already texting her ex, chef Isaac Carew.

Now we've all had the urge to get in touch with an ex, but we all don't have songs about NOT DOING IT! Fans are not too impressed with the idea that she might be rebounding back to her old flame.

A source told a tabloid:

 "Dua and Paul had a really good time together but things just didn’t work out.

"She is very positive about the situation though and has been pouring her emotions into her new album, which she has been writing in Jamaica and Los Angeles.

"The break-up has brought back memories of Isaac, who she split with this time last year."