Nickelodeon Star Jace Norman Swings Thru Z100

Most know him as "Kid Danger," the superhero sidekick to "Captain Man" on the hit Nickelodeon TV show Henry Danger, but there is a LOT more to actor Jace Norman. He & his business partners, Mike Gruen & Xander Norman have started "Creator Edge," a leading influencer marketing agency that enables brands to reach millions of consumers.

Creator Edge Media

As he shines on TVs across the globe on Nickelodeon's super successful super hero show, he's proving that there is a lot more depth to who he is. We had the chance to chat about Creator Edge, and you know I couldn't pass up the chance to rap with him about that good ol' green slime!  


Now go for it...check out the expansion of the Henry Danger franchise, and check out the trailer for the upcoming Nickelodeon toon The Adventures of Kid Danger (***WARNING*** It's super catchy!!)



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