Recap of Last night's 'Are You The One'


MTV's hit show Are You The One, has had it's ups and downs this season, mostly downs. The show takes place in New Orleans where 22 guys and girls are looking for love... and money, a lot of money... one. million. dollars. The beams represent couples, 11 beams means all the couples found their perfect match. 

Unfortunately, just last week the cast only had one beam! This week they regrouped and decided to take on a new strategy. The singles started to mix with people that they thought would be unlikely matches.  

Alexis and Kieth had a thing for each other since day one! The two won the cooking challenge and were sent to the truth booth to discover their destiny. Sadly they made history for 6 straight episodes of no matches! 

Everyone felt uneasy at the Match-up ceremony. Surprisingly they seemed to pull four beams. Maybe their strategy is working?!?! Can't wait to watch next week's episode when they come fact to face with their Ex's! 

Episodes of Are You The One Wednesdays 10/9c on MTV 



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