These New Ken Dolls Look Pretty Familiar...

How old is "too old" to be playing with dolls?!?! After seeing Mattel's newest line of Barbie's, we're not sure we care anymore!! 

Mattel has responded to some criticisms about the lack of diversity in their Barbie doll line with their newest crew of Barbie and Ken dolls. These dolls introduce many different skin tones, hair styles and textures, body sizes, and eye colors into the Barbie range! We are so excited to see Barbie providing more representation and embracing differences! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


While these Barbies look totally fly, we're more intrigued by those Ken dolls...

We've noticed there are some pretty stunning similarities between these dolls and some of our favorite celebs!! And is that a man bun we're seeing?!?!! 😭 😭


Do you see your favorite celeb reflected in these swag dolls? And do you think that the man bun should be immortalized in a Ken doll?! Let us know! Tweet us at @Z100NewYork 



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