Harry Styles Gives Us ALL Of The Feels.

In case you missed it.. Harry Styles was the musical guest on last Saturday's episode of Saturday Night Live. He sang "Sign of the Times" and "Ever Since New York" and was featured in two skits. NO BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING. Please watch Harry and Jimmy Fallon in this skit. Amazing. 


Z100 interns Leah and Sami J really love Harry, and simply could not function throughout the entire episode. First they were extremely shook/shocked/shooketh:

Leah: Everything that Harry does leaves me absolutely shooketh. He slays me just by standing there. It's fine, but seeing Harry in the intro number with Jimmy Fallon shocked me to the core. I almost forgot how to breathe.  

Sami: It was the first time seeing him on screen since 1D and I literally stopped breathing. I was lost for words and couldn't believe the angelic species I was staring at. It was a v beautiful moment. I was shook.

Post-shook/shocked/shooketh, we were (well are) proud. 

Leah: Harry could sneeze and I would still be proud, but his acting skills have improved so much since his iCarly feature with One Direction. It wasn't just that... his vocals shock me every time, making me a proud gal. 

Sami: Ever look at someone you love and just sort of feel responsible for their accomplishments, but you're not 'cause they did everything on their own, but you wish you could be responsible because everything they do is magical. That's how proud I felt. 

Next, came the smiles. Interns being happy and living their best lives⬇️

Leah: This pic is me being extremely happy and loving and pretending Harry is a little cupcake. 95% of my tears on Saturday were happy because seeing Harry do what he loves is a feeling like no other. He is such a talented and lovely human being, and I must have looked absolutely insane grinning and crying. 

Sami: Excitement eventually set in and I couldn't stop cheesing like a little kid. Like it was so natural I couldn't stop.

Finally, the tears arrived. 

Leah: I cried for basically the entire episode. The 5% of tears that were sad came solely out of missing One Direction. I'm so beyond happy Harry is doing Harry, but my entire high school career was based off of loving One Direction. Seeing Harry on SNL just made the whole breakup so real. I do have faith in a reunion, but for now, I will love them all individually and just cry occasionally about what used to be.

Sami: And then there were tears. After going through so much emotional turmoil, I couldn't help but cry. I didn't know what emotion I was crying about like I don't know if it was happy tears or what- but it was happening and you know what I'm not ashamed. I've seen 1D and Harry go through so much and have been in love since I was 17 so this moment was very full circle. It was a lot. I hope I feel this way about my kids one day.



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