Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist Week 6

It's Spring Break season so that means it's time to party on the beach! Whether you're going to Cali or Miami, there's a Soul and a beach to be had. Make sure to check out a new Soul Cycle location while you're away and here are some tunes you can ride to, and afterwards take to the pool!

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Otherside (remix)

Why I love it: TBH, I have no idea who remixed this song, but I love it. You can sprint to it at Soul and party to it at the beach and on Spring Break we need versatility in a song like this!


4. Axwell ^ Ingrosso- Sun Is Shining

Why I love it: I've seen this song live and I've sprinted to this song at Soul. Both left me equally as shook. Positive, motivating lyrics, meets upbeat high tempo house music. Put that in a class and you're sure to finish strong!


3. Calvin Harris- Summer

Why I love it- Obviously couldn't leave this one out. I don't know why, but this song reminds me of tanning beds (which I do not condone), but in any case name a Calvin Harris song you can't ride to?! This song literally will you have your sprinting uncontrollably and it's probably the perfect party anthem.


2. Chris Brown- Party

Why I love it: Slowing the tempo to my go to party music- rap. I first heard this song on a treadmill and I moved to a bike to conduct my own personal Soul Cycle class to this song. I know weird, but tap backs were on point, just saying.


1. Diplo & Sleepy Tom- Be Right There

Why I love it: If you're trying to finish strong, there's no better way than with Diplo and this catchy dance tune. I'm sure you'll hear it twice that day too, once at Soul and the next at the club!


So ride through Spring Break with your favorite dance anthems and take them with you to the beach party! You're sure to have one heck of a work out and an even more hectic Spring Break story to tell. Just maybe not to your parents.

- Sami J



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