People Are Saying Nintendo Switch TASTES Nasty!

Remember back in the day when you had to blow into your Nintendo cartridge to get it to work??? Well, whether or not that really worked...the jury is still out. But EVERYONE of us did it. That's not really the case with this generation's video games. Most games are either downloadable, or made from things that don't really break & need to be blown into! That leads me to wonder, "WHY THE HELL ARE PEOPLE TASTING THESE NEW NINTENDO SWITCH GAMES???"

Seriously!!! People are putting the Switch games into their mouth and complaining about the taste:

There's actually a really good reason why Nintendo made the games taste like crap!! They coated the plastic cartridges is some sort of substance that people use to stop biting their finger nails! It's a non-toxic battering agent called, "denatonium benzoate." The use of the stuff has worked...but seriously, why would anyone put that in their mouth anyway?!?!?!