Picture It: Funko 2020. You'll Want These Huge Golden Girls Pins !

Picture It: Funko 2020! You'll want these huge Golden Girls POP! pins for your collection

I've covered The Golden Girls numerous times on Pop Culture Weekly and right here on the blog. There's just something about the show that brings me happiness. Memories of watching reruns with my Mom-Mom when I was a kid. Watching reruns today as an adult. It really is just one of those perfect shows, that had a perfect cast and perfect writing.

Now, everyone's favorite pop culture fun company, Funko, is releasing a line of The Golden Girls Funko POP! Pins and to be honest, I can't freakin wait!

What Is A Funko POP! Pin?

So what is a Funko POP! Pin? They're large (about 4 inch) pins that come in various metal finishes and are made with unique techniques that really stretch what being a pin even means. You can choose to pin them like a normal pin, or use the cool stand (featuring the famous Funko crown) to display them anywhere. Or of course, you can simply keep them in the box to display.

The heads of the POP! Pins feature Funkos signature 3D Pop! heads and of course, most every line of POP! Pins feature a 1 out of 12 variant. For the un-initiated that means one out of every 12 is a special variant or chase of one of the pins in the set.

Additionally, retailers add in the the excitement of surprise when you order a POP! Pin so you'll get a randomly selected Pin when you order. So, you might get a Dorothy or maybe a Blanche. Or you might get the rare Rose Glitter Chase / Variant! Who knows? Not knowing which you'll get until you open the box makes it feel like a great surprise and is all a part of the fun.

The Golden Girls Funko POP! Pins

The Golden Girls Funko POP! Pins set releases in October and features our ladies in all of their POP! Pin glory! The Dorothy POP! Pin has our resident grump outlined in gold, arms crossed and with a stern look upon her face just waiting to scold you. Sassy sexpert Blanche stares at you with her come hither look and her red lipstick. Sophia looks huggable with her POP! Pin featuring her ever present purse. And lovable ditz Rose in her blue outfit, hand on her hip.

In the Golden Girls Funko POP! Pin line, the variant is a pink glittery version of the Rose Nylund POP! Pin with diamond eyes.

So there you have it, the Golden Girls Funko POP! Pin line is coming very soon! You can pre-order now from Entertainment Earth to guarantee you get yours. Let me know what you think! I have mine pre-ordered already and can't wait to add them to the collection.


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