Steve Vai Urges Fans to Give Frank Zappa Hologram a Chance

Steve Vai says he is "honored" to contribute to the upcoming Frank Zappa hologram tour and he has asked fans to approach the show with an open mind. 

Vai wrote in a Facebook post that he understands the pushback against the hologram movement—which has attempted (to mixed reviews) to resurrect the performances of artists like Michael Jackson, Tupac and Ronnie James Dio among others—but Vai says he's intrigued by the technology and believes it could be a positive experience.

"If a person can attend the show with their spirit of the love of Frank’s music at the forefront, I believe it could be a very touching event for all involved," Vai writes. 

Vai's first big break came in 1980 as a member of Zappa's band. Zappa discovered the guitar virtuoso when he was still a teenager; he famously tasked Vai with transcribing and inventing notation for his most complex music.

"A day doesn't pass that I don't think about Frank. Nothing could, or ever will take his place in the hearts of the fans, his family and the musicians that have toured with him and loved him," Vai writes.

The guitarist's comments come a day after Zappa's oldest son Dweezil Zappa released a lengthy statement decrying the hologram tour as "Fake Frank" and updating fans on the ongoing legal battle between himself and the Zappa Family Trust, which is controlled by his brother Ahmet and sister Diva

Vai and Dweezil collaborated years ago on Dweezil's Zappa Plays Zappa tour, which incidentally was nixed because of copyright claims made by the ZFT, which is now promoting the hologram venture.

Photo: Getty Images