This Cat Brings His Owners Money Instead of Dead Rodents (VIDEO)


Owning a pet can get expensive, so the idea that yours could actually bring in some extra money is awfully appealing.

The question is: how to make money off your pet. Oftentimes the model has been start an Instagram, get hundreds of thousands of followers, sell ads. It takes a lot of luck (and cuteness) to pull it off though.

But one "office cat" for a downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, marketing firm has found another way to earn its keep. Cashnip Kitty is doing right by its human family by bringing it literal cash.


The company's owner, Stuart McDaniel, tells LoveMeow that he adopted the feline from a local animal shelter and found him to be so people-friendly (and so good at scaring away vermin) that the kitty stays in the office during the day.

But in August, McDaniel and his team started noticing dollar bills accumulating near a doorway.

"We figured people must have been using dollars to play with the kitty through the door and he snatched their money," he said.

They tested the theory and as you can see in either of the videos in this article, they were absolutely correct.

So, as long as CashNip Kitty was going to hustle passersby, McDaniel and his company, GuRuStu, decided to let the fun continue...but for a good cause. They put a sign on the door and started a Facebook page for fans to keep up with the CashNip Kitty's work!

"CASHnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. CASHnip Kitty says, 'Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow.' Search #CashnipKitty on Facebook to see his take each week!"

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Photo / Video: Facebook & Instagram / Cashnip Kitty

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