A College Student Proves He's Sober By Juggling! (VIDEO)

A University of Central Arkansas student pulled over on suspicion of DUI recently went the extra mile to show police he was indeed driving responsibly.

Conway, AR, officers pulled over Blayk Puckett Friday night in the parking lot of a barbecue restaurant after suspecting his slower-than-normal driving was due to him being impaired.

The student, whose vanity license plate spells out 'JUGGLER,' had just explained to the two officers what he had been doing that evening and that his extra cautious driving was because of his broken driver side tail light.

Officer Michael Hopper, who was present at the stop, said all police business was finished prior to Puckett's demonstration.

Puckett posted video of the encounter to his Facebook page writing, "Looks like there's a new sobriety test in Conway. Drive safe, friends."

Ken Dashow

Ken Dashow

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