The L.A. Chargers Have a New Logo and It Sucks

The San Diego Chargers' move to Los Angeles has been described as shocking (HA!), sudden and surprising. But now people are also throwing out words like puzzling and rushed. 

Perhaps nothing is more symbolic of that perceived rush to Los Angeles than the team's apparent choice of new logo, which is at best a poorly veiled attempt to pander to L.A. Dodger fans and at worst bald-faced plagiarism of a classic emblem.


It's gotten so bad even other sports teams are getting in on the fun. Here's a hilarious dis from the Tampa Bay Lightning!


And this one from the Dallas Stars!


Now, Mashable notes, the new logo could just be temporary while the team considers a bigger re-brand down the line. 

After today, they'd be crazy not to.

Ken Dashow

Ken Dashow

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