NYC Uber Driver Hits Over 200 Consecutive Green Lights (VIDEO)

If you drive for a living, avoiding red lights becomes something of a goal if not an outright mission.

Apparently some Uber drivers track the number of green lights they drive through. One NYC-based driver, Noah, apparently found a stretch of Manhattan where if you time it right and traffic is kind, you can go nearly a half-hour without being stopped by a traffic signal.

One night at about 3:30 a.m. he went for it and, if there is a record, he might have it!

Noah estimated he got 240 green lights in a row, while the Vevo description of this video notes a news site counted 236. In any case, Noah thinks he can double his personal record.

This video is sped up for your convenience. It's oddly suspenseful, and I really started rooting for the kid after a minute!

Ken Dashow

Ken Dashow

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