The Unreal List of Celebrity Deaths in 2016

Dozens of public figures passed away in 2016, many of them were far too young. Objectively the year might not be unusual in terms of the number of celebrity deaths, but the caliber of great individuals who have passed on continues to leave many of us shocked and bewildered. 

Losing David Bowie and Prince in the same year left millions of people feeling gutted. They were undisputed icons, who lived their art every single day. Both of them were gone by April, not to mention Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, Keith Emerson, Garry Shandling, Merle Haggard and George Martin, who also died during just those first four months.

We also lost younger people. Anton Yelchin, best known for his role in the most recent Star Trek film was only 27. Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was only 24. Many others were only in their 40s or 50s.

Here's the 'full' list, though surely there are names we missed. We pray we don't have to add more before the year is officially over.

Jan 10th David Bowie age 69 (Rock Icon)

Jan 14th Alan Rickman age 69 (Actor)

Jan 18th Glenn Frey age 67 (Eagles Rocker)

Jan 26th Abe Vigoda age 94 (TV Actor)

Jan 30th Frank Finlay age 89 (Acting Great)

Jan 31st Terry Wogan age 77 (Tv & Radio Legend)

Feb 3rd Maurice White age 74 (Earth, Wind & Fire Star)

Feb 19th Harper Lee age 89 (To Kill A Mocking Bird Author)

Feb 28th George Kennedy age 91 (Movie Great)

March 6th Nancy Reagan age 94 (Former First Lady)

Mar 8th George Martin age 90 (Beatles Producer)

Mar 11th Keith Emerson age 71 (ELP Rock Legend)

Mar 15th Sylvia Anderson age 88 (Lady Penelope)

Mar 16th Frank Sinatra Junior age 72 (Sinatra's Singer Son)

March 22nd Rob Ford age 46 (Toronto Politician)

Mar 23 Joe Garagiola age 90 (Baseball Catcher & Announcer)

Mar 24th Garry Shandling age 66 (Comedian Great)

Mar 29th Patty Duke age 69 (Child Star)

Mar 31st Denise Robertson age 83 (Tv Agony Aunt)

April 6th Merle Haggard age 79 (Country Legend)

April 12th David Gest age 62 (TV Personality)

April 17th Doris Roberts age 90 (TV Actress)

April 20th Victoria Wood age 62 (Comedy Genius)

April 20th Joanie "Chyna" Laurer age 46 (WWE Wrestling Legend)

April 21st Lonnie Mack age 74 (Blues Guitar Great)

April 21st Prince age 57 (Pop Icon)

April 21st Guy Hamilton age 93 (Bond Director)

April 24th Billy Paul age 80 (Chart Star)

May 17th Guy Clark age 74 (Country Legend)

May 19th John Berry age 52 (Beastie Boys Star)

May 19th Alan Young age 96 (Mister Ed TV Star)

May 21st Nick Menza age 51 (Megadeth Drummer)

May 24th Burt Kwouk age 85 (Pink Panther Star)

May 31st Carla Lane age 87 (Liver Birds Writer)

June 3rd Muhammad Ali age 74 (Boxing Legend)

June 10th Gordie Howe age 88 (NHL Legendary Star)

June 14th Henry McCullough age 72 (Wings Guitarist)

June 19th Anton Yelchin age 27 (Star Treks Chekov)

June 24th Bernie Worrall age 72 (Funkadelic Star)

June 28th Scotty Moore age 84 (Elvis Presley's Guitarist)

July 2nd Caroline Ahern age 52 (Comedy Actress)

July 16th Alan Vega age 78 (Suicide Punk Pioneer)

July 19th Garry Marshall age 81 (Creator of Happy Days & The Odd Couple)

Aug 13th Kenny Baker age 81 (R2D2 Star Wars)

Aug 29th Gene Wilder age 83 (Comic Genius)

Sept 11th Alexis Arquette age 47 (Transgender Actress)

Sept 17th Charmian Carr age 73 (Sound of Musics Liesl)

Sept 25th Arnold Palmer age 87 (Golfing Legend)

Sept 25th Jose Fernandez age 24 (Miami Marlins Pitcher)

Oct 21st Kevin Meaney age 60 (Comedian)

Oct 24th Bobby Vee age 73 (1960's Teen Idol)

Nov 7th Leonard Cohen age 82 (Iconic Singer & Writer)

Nov 11th Robert Vaughn age 83 (Veteran Actor)

Nov 13th Leon Russell age 74 (US Rock Legend)

Nov 15th Mose Allison age 67 (US Blues pianist)

Nov 24th Colonel Abrams age 67 (80's Chart Star)

Nov 25th Florence Henderson age 82 (Brady Bunch Star)

Nov 25th Fidel Castro Age 90 (Cuban Leader)

Nov 25th Ron Glass age 71 (Barney Miller Tv Star)

Dec 1st Andrew Sachs age 86 (Fawlty Towers Star)

Dec 6th Peter Vaughan age 93 (Games of Thrones Star)

Dec 7th Ian Cartwright age 52 (Wolves Midfielder)

Dec 8th John Glenn age 95 (First to Orbit Earth)

Dec 8th Greg Lake age 69 (ELP Legend)

Dec 13th Alan Thicke age 69 (Growing Pains Actor & Music Composer)

Dec 17th Henry Heimlich age 96 (Creator of Choking Maneuver)

Dec 18th Zsa Zsa Gabor age 99 (model)

Dec 25th George Michael age 53 (Pop Icon)

Dec 27th Carrie Fisher age 60 (TV Actress)

Dec 28th Debbie Reynolds age 84 (actress, singer)

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