Noah Syndergaard Gives the Finger to 2016 in Mets Recap

One of the great things about this age of technology and social media is the access it allows us to public figures, be they musicians, actors, politicians, athletes or otherwise. 

Mets right-handed pitcher Noah Syndergaard has quietly been one of the best Twitter follows of the year, whether or not you're a baseball fan.

While 2015 was kind of a dream year for Syndergaard's club (he made his major league debut and helped the team to its first World Series appearance in over a decade), 2016 was full of frustration and disappointment for the Mets.

Thor offered this recap Wednesday to his followers:


While Syndergaard comes off as quiet and introspective on the baseball field, he freely interacts with the Twittersphere, weighing in on a variety of topics, including helping a child rescue a shelter puppy!


He also cleared up any misconceptions about his identity and whether or not he was in Die Hard.


Photo: Getty Images

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