SoCal's First Haunted Carwash Arrives In Anaheim THIS October

Big Wave Express Car Wash located at 2219 Lincoln Ave. in Anaheim, CA. is preparing to host the Tunnel of Terror OC. Southern California’s First Haunted Carwash has arrived in Anaheim! Get your tickets here!

Get a world class car wash from the comfort of your vehicle and experience a haunted carwash that you and your loved ones will never forget.

Starting at $25 per car, residents of Anaheim and all nearby cities are welcomed to come with their family and friends to experience a one-of-a-kind Halloween thrill, filled with chills and terror to delight the entire group. The Tunnel of Terror is a carefully curated experience, with scary and creepy performers popping up throughout the wash, and special effects providing a terrifying ambiance. Participants can also expect unique surprises each night!

The Tunnel of Terror will be open from 5PM - 10PM:

  • October, 7th–9th
  • October 14th–16th
  • October 21st–24th
  • October 26th–31st

Tunnel of Terror OC was the most talked about event last Halloween season through-out Southern California, that saved Halloween. The event will have no age limit, as all visitors are expected to remain in their vehicles at all times throughout the event. The rules of attendance are simple: customers are asked to obey posted signage about putting their vehicles into neutral when directed, and to keep their feet off the pedals and hands off their wheels at all times for everyone'ssafety while in the tunnel. It’s simple, fun, and there will even be friendly ghouls on site at alltimes to provide safety directions for all involved.

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