Chance The Rapper Shares How He Met His Fiance at 9yrs Old!

It was July 4th of last year that Chance had announced he proposed to his long term girlfriend Kristen. The two have been dating over 5 years and share an adorable daughter together named Kensli.

It seems like the wedding bells might be ringing a little sooner because today he shared the a cute and intimate story about the day he met his soon to be wife.

Chance posted a long detailed thread on Twitter how he watched Kristen danced a routine to Destiny's Child's 'Independent Woman' with her friends at a gathering at age 9.

Not even knowing her name at the time, he went into full detail of his expression, how he reacted, and how he had only seen her that one time to later meeting her again years later.

Talk about life coming around full circle, you have to read this below.

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