NORAD Launches Santa Tracker in Preparation for Christmas Eve

Santa is coming to town and it's time to start tracking his whereabouts! As the big day approaches, NORAD - the official tracker of all things Santa Claus - has launched it's holiday website filled with trackers, information on Santa, games and even Santa's favorite Christmas songs! 

The North American Aerospace Defense Command is known to accurately track Santa every year, as well as helping the man in red answer his phone calls, e-mails and letters. 

The Santa tracker itself isn't live just yet though, Santa is still getting ready for the big day! But you can see how everyone is getting prepared for the big day which isn't too many sleeps away! Check out the NORAD Santa Tracker here! 

Google also made their own Santa tracker as well - so there is double the chance to getting an accurate location of Santa's whereabouts.

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