Parents Get Pranked With Question: 'How To Cook A Turkey In The Microwave'

Thanksgiving is this week and millennials everywhere are having some fun with the holiday. There's not a clear explanation how the prank got started but it has started a trend of kids texting their parents or grandparents asking them a question about cooking a raw turkey in a microwave and then screenshot their reactions. 

Obviously, you CAN NOT cook a turkey in the microwave, please don't try. That would be a disaster, but please prank your family and see what they say! 

The reaction from parents and grandparents alike are hysterical, some showing how they really feel about each other. Others telling their kid to "never get married". 

Check out some of the screenshots below: 


"You'll be dead"   


Just get the utensils please...   


This girl went full on! Even taking a picture! 


Call Mom... NOW! 


And of course, some catch on to the joke - trendy Mom's indeed! 

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JoJo Wright

JoJo Wright

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