JoJo Ghost Hunts In Old Hollywood Recording Studio With Becky G

JoJo, his producer Dana and his team of paranormal experts did the annual KIIS-FM haunted broadcast at an interesting location in Hollywood this year. Liberate Hollywood is described on the website below as: 

Liberate Hollywood: a healing, sacred and safe space designed to Liberate individuals, communities and the world! A place of strong community where we UNITE as one divine humanity to heal, to love, to transform, to vibe, to energize, to educate, to learn, to create, to be inspired, to be intellectually stimulated, to start great conversations, to rediscover our passions, to share and to enjoy.  A place where we rediscover ourselves and our path to healing. A place where we bond with like-minded and high-vibration new friends and colleagues - all within the protective walls of the infamous former Hollywood Sound Recorders studio.

When JoJo and Dana found out about this spot, they knew they needed their haunted broadcast to be there. As the day approached closer, Becky G reached out to stop into the KIIS-FM station but instead, JoJo invited her to join him and the crew on their paranormal quest to learn more about the history of the building as they try to connect with the spirits that occupy it. 

The owner, Cristina Dam was a wonderful host to the now wellness center - telling everyone so many experiences she's had in the space. 

Did you listen? If not, check out the special edition "You Saw What" podcast hosted by JoJo and Dana - recapping the events of the live broadcast! Be sure to check out all the podcast episodes and stay tuned for more to come - there are so many stories coming up from artists you probably listen to everyday! 

Check out some of the pictures from last night! 

Thank you Becky for joining - you are awesome! What a great time!