Kesha Marries Same-Sex Couple For "I Need A Woman" Video

Award winning singer-songwriter Kesha just took her LGBTQ advocacy to another level for her video for single "I Need A Woman," a queer-inclusive remake of the Janis Joplin hit. 

In this new video, we take a trip with Kesha and real-life couple Dani and Lindsey as they have fun in Las Vegas leading up to their wedding. Meeting your favorite singer and being in one of their videos is cool in itself, but what can top that artist actually officiating your marriage? Dani and Lindsey got this once in a lifetime experience and you can watch it all in Kesha's new video below. 

This isn't the first time Kesha has officiated a wedding. After becoming an ordained minister in 2012, she officiated a wedding for her friends Monique Morrison and Gretchen Helt. Kesha took the task up again to marry makeup artist Vitorrio Mascecchia to his longtime boyfriend Felipe Noquiera in 2015. 

Where was Kesha for my wedding?