When you lose a parent... is there any right way to feel?

Be careful when you say it can't get any worse... because it can.

After a year of break ups, losing close friends, global pandemic, isolation, and daily stress... comes the biggest hit. I lost my Father.

On the very day I booked my flights to go see him, he passed of natural causes. Absolutely heart breaking.

And while I've thought of this for years... you never truly know how you will react.

So Many Emotions.






Crushing Depression

Relief (no longer in pain)

...and my current state, numb.

But then I cycle through them all again.

But it is the cycle of life, and in most cases inevitable.

Thanks for all the support and advice.

And if you too are a member of this club, I send out hugs and comfort to you.

Here was a good article I found about these feelings all bubbling up at once.