A Christmas like no other...

How are you holding up?

Are you feeling the Holiday Magic... or perhaps the Holiday sadness? I'm certainly feeling both.

This has been such a tough year for all of us.

From dealing with Covid, home schooling, fear of the unknown, and handling all the stress came along with it.

March - June, I went through a break up, lost friendships that I NEVER thought I'd lose, and went into a very real depression.

But then... summer came along. I got back into therapy, started working out A LOT, dropped 20 lbs, and settled into a great rhythm with friends and neighbors. But my therapist warned me that the Holidays will bring up stuff when you least expect it. Yep, check that off the list.

So, here we are. It'll be my first Christmas alone. A quiet house, no reason to wake up early, and nothing but time to reflect on this year.

And that's OK.

I'm sure many of us wish we could be with family & friends like year's past. But since we can't...here is what I will focus on.

My Incredible Daughter... who has handled this year, and all of its drama, with such a loving & curious heart.

My Health.

My Family's Health.

My Future.

My Friends who have stepped up and help me up this year.

My Career, that I am still so lucky to be able to do from home.

...and the promise that 2021 will bring us the ability to be with the people we love the most.

If you are finding yourself feeling some less than "cheery" feelings this Christmas, please know you are not alone.

Try and focus on the good things... and know that this minute, this hour, this day, this week, this month WILL PASS.

It WILL get better.

Here's wishing you Peace, Joy, Patience, and LOVE in 2021.