Kids and Screen time: DEPRESSION RATES SOAR!

Not sure about you… but whenever my child gets ANY amount of screen time, she becomes a different person. She is completely sucked into her game, book, or show… until I tell her it’s time to turn it off. I’ll give her a countdown.

10 minutes left

5 minutes left

2 minutes left

…and then BOOM! Crazy child. As soon as its time to turn it off, she is mean, cranky, and a small alien child. Anyone else deal with this? She calms down quickly afterwards, but I swear it looks like addiction.

And once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

Enter this study tracking teens and smart phone use. READ IT FOR YOURSELF!!

But in essence, the more time our kids spend with their nose in a phone, the more likely they will deal with depression and anxiety. And isn’t the world hard enough?

So for now… I will continue to fight the good fight. And hopefully one day she will understand.


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